Update Flutter apps on Play-Store

Anmol Gupta
4 min readApr 10, 2022

Let’s update your first flutter app on the play store.

In this blog, we shall learn how we can update an existing android app on the play store.

Step-1 The very first step is to change the app’s version code.

a. Go to the android folder and open local.properties, inside this file, increase the version code.

b. Also inside the pubspec.yaml file changes the version of the app, Change the version code after the + sign as same as the local.properties file.

Step-2 After changing the version and version code, run the flutter pub get command on the terminal.

Step-3 Open the android folder of the app on a new window.

Go to the file, open the project location and open the android folder of the project.

You will be landed on the below page, it may take a while to finish the loading.

Step-4 After the indexing finishes click on the Build tab and click on the generate signed bundle.

Step-5 After this you get the option to choose the build type, prefer the android app bundle and click on next.

Step-6 After selecting the app bundle, you will land on the below screen, enter all the signing details and click on next.

Step-6 Select the release option and click on finish.

Step-6 It will take a while to build the abb file. To see the file you can click on locate button to see the file location, you can find it inside the android/app/release/ folder of your project.

Step-6 Now open the app on the google play console and click on the production tab and then click on create new release button.

Step-6 Now upload the generated abb file here.

Step-6 Now click on save after successful update of the abb file.

Step-6 After saving click on review release.

Step-6 Click on start rollout to production.

Congratulations you have successfully updated the app on the play store after it gets reviewed by the play store team the update will be available on the play store.

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If we got something wrong? Let me know in the comments. we would love to improve.

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